What Slot Machine is Your Spirit Animal?


So you want to play at your favorite casino? What if there wasn’t any way to guarantee you’d win at slot machines? Well, I think we can put the genie back into your slot game and teach you what slot machine best describes your real spirit.

What are the types of slot machine you should know about and decide which one to play?

Slot Machine

Each time you place your bet, spin the reels and pull the triggers you’re channeling your spirit animal. There are seven basic slots on a casino slot games and they each represent a different animal. We’ll break down each one and show which one corresponds to your real-life spirit.

The Bird Machine

This slot machine symbolizes fortune and luck. When the reels stop, it means your bird will land on a lucky red symbol. If your bird lands on it you win a big jackpot. Lose all your money and it’s back to square one. This is a great slot machine to play more than once because the jackpot increases with every spin.

The Crane Machine

This slot machine is a symbol of success and accomplishment. When the reels stop, the crane will move up and down making a happy noise. If your crane hits the “win” symbol it’ll win big! When the jackpot gets big it disappears and your position in line changes.

The Robot

Can you imagine getting paid to play a slot machine and winning the jackpot? This is a fantastic way to win a few thousand dollars while enjoying a day at the casino! Playing this slot will get your adrenaline flowing so it’s probably a good idea to play this slot more than once. The jackpots increase with every spin, so you’ll soon be the biggest player in town!

The Fairy – Slot Machine

Everyone loves the fairies, especially children. This is a fantastic slot machine to play and win a lot of money. Sometimes the winnings are low but they never go away. When you hit the lucky fairy it will give you loads of candy, which is awesome. If you don’t win this machine often you may want to try to win it multiple times!

The Volcano

This is another cool slot machine that you can play. You’ll need to place your bets before the ball lands on the screen. When you see the warning sign to spin the volcano, it’ll cause a huge explosion that makes the steam come out of the machine and shoot towards the customers. The customers get very wet when this happens!

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide what slot machine is your spirit animal. Always remember that luck plays a huge role in playing these games. However, if you know what machine is good you will be able to improve your game and win more money! Good luck!

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